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     Thank you for visiting my portfolio website, where I've compiled many products of my creativity. Before delving further into my site, here's a bit of background on me.

     My entire life, I've enjoyed two things: the outdoors and telling stories. As I set out to pursue my degree in multimedia journalism, these two interests were entirely separate. While studying at Northwest Missouri State University, I became very involved in its student chapter of The Wildlife Society as well as Bearcats Going Green (an organization devoted to promoting sustainability).

     I soon realized my love and talent for storytelling could mean telling nature's story to others. Our natural world has never needed its story told so desperately as it does now. While climate change has finally been accepted, it's very poorly understood by many. The renewable energy industry has taken off, but lacks public and political support from many. 

     My dream is to share information with the public about current environmental issues, how to make more sustainable choices as consumers, as well as encouraging people to get outside and enjoy the things Mother Nature has to offer while doing so responsibly to ensure future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy these resources as well.


  Welcome, Earthlings